Frequently Asked Questions

What is SLIPS™?

SLIPS™ is the world’s first and only line of fully-slippery coatings and materials. SLIPS™ is unique because it features a 100% liquid interface—a “liquid surface.” SLIPS™ surfaces are highly repellent to virtually all liquids and biological fouling agents, as well as robust and self-healing.

What can SLIPS™ be used for?

SLIPS™ is ideal for solving sticky surface problems in industrial, medical, and consumer applications. SLIPS™ can tackle problems like barnacles adhering to marine vessels, bacteria clinging to medical devices, and viscous fluids sticking to the inside of containers. SLIPS™ can also be used to provide lubricity in products where a slippery surface is desired, such as catheters and personal care products. For a more detailed overview of SLIPS™ applications, see our Slippery Solutions page.

How is SLIPS™ unique?

SLIPS™ is the only technology in the world that features a 100% liquid interface. The surfaces of our materials and coatings have a stable and immobilized liquid lubricant overlayer. This “liquid surface” is microscopically smooth and thus extremely slippery to liquids and biological fouling agents. By contrast, the inherent roughness of solid surfaces provides many pinning points on which liquids and foulants can stick.

Where and how is SLIPS™ applied?

SLIPS™ can be applied on plastics, metals, ceramics, glass, and even concrete. SLIPS™ can be applied using standard industry processes such as spraying, roller painting, and dip coating. Other formats are also available, including peel-and-stick films and injection-molded parts (e.g. tubing) that exhibit SLIPS™ performance on all surfaces. In all cases, SLIPS™ is readily scalable and cost-effective.

Is SLIPS™ safe for food and medical applications?

Yes. We have developed SLIPS™ formulations based on food-grade, GRAS, or FDA-approved materials.

How long does SLIPS™ last?

The longevity of a SLIPS™ product is tuned to its application. Reservoir SLIPS™ is self-replenishing and can last several years in a submerged environment. The lifetime of Surface SLIPS™ products may vary, but the lubricant over-layer that produces the SLIPS™ effect can be easily replenished.

What are ideal applications for SLIPS™?

SLIPS™ works best in submerged environments and has excellent tolerance to varying temperatures and pressures. Ideal applications include boat hulls, fluid storage containers, liquid processing equipment, and certain biomedical devices.

What are non-ideal applications for SLIPS™?

SLIPS™ is not recommended for applications involving high amounts of dust, mechanical abrasion, or handling (e.g. touchscreens, clothing).

Can SLIPS™ be transparent?

Yes. SLIPS™ has been proven to work on endoscope lenses.

What does a SLIPS™ liquid surface feel like?

A SLIPS™ surface feels a bit oily to the touch.

Can I buy SLIPS™ coatings?

We are currently a B-to-B company. Our customers either buy or license our products, which are typically optimized for their particular applications and exclusive to them. SLIPS™ samples and development kits are available for purchase by qualified business customers. SLIPS™ products are not yet available for sale to individuals; when available, they will be sold through a distributor network

If your company or industry is interested in a SLIPS™ solution, please contact us and describe your sticky problem. One of our business representatives will be in touch with you soon.