Slippery Solutions

By solving a variety of sticky surface problems, SLIPS™ is capable of delivering the following:

Savings in Cost and Energy

Reducing downtime, waste, fuel, and water use

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    Marine Fouling

    Reduce drag and fuel consumption

    Barnacles, mussels and algae stick to the hulls of ships, creating extra drag that costs the shipping industry billions of dollars each year in extra fuel. Most anti-fouling coatings today are copper-based and therefore toxic. Ship operators are looking for an effective and environmentally friendly solution such as the SLIPS™ Foul-Impede™ product.

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    Industrial Release/EZ Clean

    Increase throughput and reduce waste

    Many manufacturing processes involve sticky or viscous materials like rubber and paint that stick to molds, mixing equipment, or the inside of pipes. This creates waste and inefficiencies and requires equipment to be cleaned frequently. Manufacturers are looking for effective industrial release coatings and films such as those being offered by SLIPS™.

Functionality Enhancement

Adding features to products and improving performance

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    Container Emptying

    Reduce waste and facilitate the recycling process

    Complete emptying of containers is particularly desirable for high-value contents like cosmetics, or hazardous materials like motor oil. Product and packaging manufacturers are working with SLIPS Technologies to add SLIPS™ complete emptying functionality to their containers.

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    Improve the user experience of lubricated products

    A variety of personal care products can perform better with the lubricious feel of SLIPS™ surfaces.

Improved Healthcare

Bio-release surfaces for medical, diagnostic, and research devices

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    Medical Devices

    Prevent bacterial infection and improve fluid drainage

    Bacterial fouling of catheter surfaces can lead to infections, and incomplete emptying of drainage tubes and bags can create health complications. Medical device manufacturers are working with SLIPS Technologies to incorporate SLIPS™ into their products in order to address these problems and ultimately deliver improved healthcare solutions.

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    Microfluidic Devices

    Reduce sticking of analytes to device surfaces

    SLIPS™ ensures that samples used in very small quantities by microfluidic devices are completely transferred through microfluidic channels.

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    Biological Growth Platforms

    Easy release of cells, neurons, etc. from surfaces

    SLIPS™ can provide non-toxic bio-release surfaces on which cells, bacteria, and neurons can be grown and then easily released with minimal trauma.